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Our Team

studio principal
CLASSES | Private Lessons by prior arrangement

Jenny is Vice President  of Dance Masters International Association and has studied extensively in order to master the skill of teaching dance. She is proud to have achieved a Licentiate Members Degrees in Ballroom, Latin & New Vogue. And Fellows in Ballroom. Furthermore, she holds Level 1 Adjudicator Licences and Level 1 Coaching Licences with Dancesport Australia for Ballroom, level 2 Latin level 1 and New Vogue level 1  styles of dancing.

Jenny is also a wonderfully caring, uplifting and charismatic person who embraces her fellow teachers and Jus’ Dance students as her second family, meaning for many, the studio is almost a second home! With a hands-on management style, Jenny is involved in all areas of studio operations including instructing group classes and medal students as required and teaching private lessons. All new dancers are welcomed to Jus’ Dance by Jenny, regardless of experience, and she looks forward to meeting you soon.

Sharon Hitchcock
CLASSES | Social & Medals Classes in Ballroom, Latin & New Vogue
Private Lessons by prior arrangement

Sharon is an asset to the Jus’ Dance team and brings with her a wealth of dancing experience. Sharon started dancing at the tender age of 7 years old and was a competitor in Dancesport for many years, winning the Australian Title in New Vogue in 1984. She has also completed her Golden Awards level medals for Latin and Modern. Sharon began teaching dance classes when she was just 15 years old and has taught a broad range of students over the years, from children through to medallists and Dancesport couples.




Hannah is a very accumplished dancer in Ballroom & Latin styleing Competing Competitively with her fiance' Luke Murty in Dancesport Competitions in Australia & recently France & Italy. Hannah is a very gifted dancer & teacher with a happy personality making all of her students feel welcome & more receptive to learn to dance. 

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Richard Marsden

Richard began dancing with Jus’ Dance in 2000, when the studio first opened its doors. Since then he has developed into an excellent dancer.  Richard is currently studying Gold Cross Ballroom and working towards medal exams.  Richard is well liked as a friendly , confident teacher at Jus'Dance. 


Sharon Moore
CLASSES | Beginner's Ballroom & Latin, Swing & Jive and Rock n’ Roll

Sharon has been dancing for many years and has been a part of the Jus’ Dance team since 2010. Her great personality and happy nature make her classes very motivating and fun.

Stephen King
CLASSES | Intermediate Ballroom & Latin, Private Medal Lessons 

Stephen is an accomplished dancer, having danced for many years. His dedication and excellent skills have led Stephen to achieve teaching degree in Ballroom Dancing. As a meticulous and technical dancer, he is a fantastic medals teacher offering a wealth of experience to those who wish to master ballroom dancing. Stephen is also available to teach wedding couples.

Luke Murty
CLASSES | Medal Classes & Kids Ballroom & Privates

Luke has been dancing for more than 18 years, and has been a part of the Jus’ Dance team since 2007. He partners our medallists working towards Star Medal Exams and also helps teach Kids Ballroom. Luke currently competes in Dancesport competitions, competing in Adult B Grade Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue and has won several championships together with his dance partner.

Daniel Dewar
CLASSES | Ballroom, Latin, Rock n' Roll,  West Coast Swing, Medal Privates

Daniel has been dancing at Jus' Dance since 2005 and is now a member of the Jus' Dance Student Teacher team. A very competent dancer, Daniel has competed  in Dancesport since he was just six years old. In 2014 Daniel and his dance partner became a Dancesport couple, competing together in Adult Ballroom & Latin, with some very impressive wins. In addition to assisting in the running of dance classes, Daniel partners Medal Students working toward Star Medal Exams. Jus' Dance is proud to have Daniel as part of our student teaching team.

Aron Sheldon
CLASSES | Rock 'n Roll, Swing Jive, Ballroom, Latin, Private lessons & Wedding Dance

Aron has been a Jus’ Dance student for over 4 years now and dances in our Medal Classes, studying Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue.  Aron currently teaching Ballroom & Latin Classes, Rock'n'Roll & Swing Jive classes. He is an excellent teacher in great demand especially for Private lessons.

Dahna Scammell
student TEACHER
CLASSES | Kids Ballroom & Latin

Dahna is an wonderful dancer with many years of experience dancing Ballroom. Dahna started her dancing career with Jus’ Dance at the tender age of 5 years old and has excelled to become a top medals student. Dahna’s gentle and approachable nature, together with her unsurpassed dancing skills makes her an excellent teacher of children participating in our Kids Ballroom Classes.

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Gary Sturgeon
CLASSES | Beginners Ballroom & Latin,

After many years perfecting the art of ballroom dancing, Gary has progressed to become a much loved student teacher of Ballroom and Latin dancing. In addition to years of dancing experience, Gary's background in the Army Cadets enhances his teaching style, providing for well-structured class formats and polished dance routines.

Tina Scammell
CLASSES | Zumba Gold

Tina is our Zumba Gold® instructor. She takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of mature age participants, as well as those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle.  All the much-loved elements of Zumba Fitness-Party remain the same including the party-like atmosphere, zesty Latin music and exhilarating, easy-to-follow moves, so you can improve your fitness while enjoying a vibrant, dance-based class!


The Jus’ Dance Studio is fortunate to have a fantastic team of Dance Assistants on-board, available to help teach larger classes and offer guidance to students, so to improve technique.  This combination of primary teachers and dance assistants means you can be assured to receive the support you need to master every step.

Friendly, readily-available coaching in a fun, social atmosphere – that’s the Jus’ Dance difference!

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