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     Term 1:    monday  15th  January    2018      



Ceroc is a partner dance best described as a fusion of Salsa and Jive, but without the complicated footwork. It is derived from many other dances including French Jive, Swing, Lindy Hop, and Rock n’ Roll, with the main difference being simplified footwork which makes it more accessible to beginners. Ceroc is quite a sensual dance style and can be very showy and crowd pleasing. Because it can be danced to any type of music with a 4 count beat, Ceroc is very versatile, making it the ‘dance of choice’ for many social couples at parties and functions.

Our Ceroc classes are taught by Melvin & Rose, who are also social dance partners. By co-teaching the class, this ‘dynamic dancing duo’ are able to demonstrate many of the moves, thus providing plenty of guidance to dancers.

Please Note: The Beginners Ceroc class can be joined at any time, with additional guidance provided to help you catch up. There is no need to wait until the start of the next term.

Jus' Dance Adult  Ceroc Classes
CLASS day time term cost enquire
Ceroc (Beginners) Friday 7-8pm   $90 Enquire Now
Ceroc (Intermediate) Friday 8-9pm $125 Enquire Now

*Each term runs for 6 weeks, including public holidays. Payment may be made by pre-pay or weekly.


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