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     Term 1:    monday  15th  January    2018      



A very smooth, cool and casual style of dance, that uses an interesting form of elastic movement to create the feel of swinging past each other. Both the arm and foot work involve trying to maintain the couple on a single “track” of floor and moving from one side of the man to another, using a variety of movements. While this is not the easiest style to learn, it is broken down into its smallest parts so that anyone can piece it together should they put their mind to it.

The term starts with a small number of moves that form the basis of this dance style. This allows students to become comfortable with the footwork and to enjoy dancing straight away. Then, in the last weeks of term, the class works more intensively on dance styling, so that the steps can be turned into a more fluent, motion of swing.

For students that enjoy West Coast Swing, our Jive & Swing class for beginner and intermediate dancers is also recommended.

Jus' Dance Adult West Coast Swing Classes
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*Each term runs for 6 weeks, including public holidays. Payment may be made by pre-pay or weekly.

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