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Ballroom, Latin & Private Dance Classes, Perth

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American Smooth

American Smooth

The American Smooth Ballroom dance style is one of the best styles for social dancing, its a lot of fun! Because it is not required to stay in hold all the time, there is a lot more freedom of movement for both partners.

While both dancers must remain in contact throughout, American Smooth dancers are allowed to separate and even perform their own solos, before rejoining. Some notable figures include underarm turns, traveling chasses and changing of places. If you are performing in competitions there is a lot of technique involved and the arm and leg extensions are very pronounced.

Our classes teach all four American Smooth dances, as set out in the international standards; the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Vienesse Waltz. Please see the timetable below for available classes.


American Smooth



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