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Ballroom, Latin & Private Dance Classes, Perth

Phone: 0413 430 721

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Jus' Dance

Practicing at Home

What makes a great ballroom dancer? Its the unison of mind, body, footwork and rhythm that makes an incredible dancer, and this can only be achieved through…practice, practice, practice!

This means practicing at home as much as possible (and for at least an hour each week), as well as your studio time. If you only come to studio for one class a week, then doing just 1 hour at home doubles your floor time and skills!

The videos here have been put together for your home practice. They are designed for medal students to help recall and memorise dance steps and check technique. Enjoy!

Bronze Cha Cha (lady)

Bronze Cha Cha (Male)

Bronze Jive (lady)

Bronze Jive (male)

Bronze Rumba (lady)

Bronze Rumba (male)

Silver Cha Cha (lady)

Silver Cha Cha (male)

Silver Jive (lady)

Silver Jive (male)

Silver Rumba (lady)

Silver Rumba (male)

Silver Samba (lady)

Silver Samba (male)

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